The owners of a 40 acre parcel in northwestern California wanted their small cabin converted into a house with 4 bedrooms, a grand living room, office spaces, a large kitchen and dining and lots of outdoor spaces.  The couple are both attorneys who like to work at home.  They live in the city but spend much time on their county property.  The building site is on the grassy southern slope with magnificent views to the south and west.

The original cabin had two rooms downstairs that were converted into an office and bathroom, and three bedrooms upstairs that were essentially kept as they were. The new plan is on 3 ground levels marching down the hill and a bedroom level on the upper floor.  Off the master bedroom has a yoga studio built into an octagon tower. At the top of the tower is a private workroom.  The living room is large and culminates in a five-sided sitting room surrounded with windows looking off to the mountains in the southwest.  A tricky part of the design was tying the existing roofs into the roofs of the new addition.   A skylighted entry was added in between the old structure and the new structures, also separating the “public spaces’ from the more private ones.  There is a variety of decks and outdoor spaces.  A large garage and workshop building is planned to the east of the residence, tying into the entryway.

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