This project is essentially an extensive remodel.  The original house was a two story box with aluminum frame windows pasted here and there.   The small entry stairway on the south side entered directly into the dining room.  There was an existing vegetable garden/ orchard near the south side of the house but otherwise little landscaping.  The main floor was 9′ above the parking area located southwest of the house so the house was imposing, sticking up unnaturally out of the hillside.  The clients were a young couple who liked gardening and partying.

One of the main design parameters was to wed the house to the surrounding environment.  The house backs up to a rather steep hillside on the west side with a gentle slope on the east side, which is the view side.   A new garage was placed to define the entry – which is through a formal gateway between the garage and the garden/orchard.   Adjacent to the orchard there’s a wide walkway and trellised garden patio with some back stairs leading up to the deck off the kitchen.  The formal entry is straight ahead from the parking area through the entry gate, up three short flights of paved stairs, to the trellised entry patio overlooking the reflecting pool and formal gardens on the east side of the house.  The skylighted entry hall is located on the center of the east side which leads into the living/ dining area.  The kitchen, dining area, living room, stairway and second story bedroom remained basically in the same places. A wrap-around trellised deck was added off the dining room.  A cozy fireplace room was added to the north of the living room and a large recreation room, with built in bar was added in the northwest corner of the downstairs.  The deck off the recreation room overlooks an existing creek.

The second floor has the two bedrooms, one of which will be an office until there is a child in the family.  The bathroom was remodeled and a deck with a hot tub was added off the master bedroom.

We added a third story  to take advantage of the amazing view of mountains to the east.

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